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What I didn’t realize about signing my kids up fo
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My two youngest kids from Haiti are participating in Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading. They love it. My son Jackso
It Takes a Village
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Our Company is Not Typical! While many companies are thinking about efficiency and how to cut labor costs, our whole
Harvest Is Coming [Season Of Hope]
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Papillon Marketplace’s Fall 2019 collection is a celebration of autumn colors (with a Caribbean twist). Out Haitian artisans have outdone themselves with new designs, color combinations, and inspirational pieces that are sure to add fun and flavor to your fall season. 
A Stumble Is Not A Fall
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I first heard this proverb in Haiti and it struck a chord with me. I did some research on it and it has been attributed to several different countries and people, but the wisdom remains.
When I first moved to Haiti, I had my heart and m
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My first year, I landed there and worked in an orphanage as a houseparent for a boys’ home which was an auxiliary part of a mega orphanage. We had 24 boys in the house ages 5-16. The main orphanage was...
Gucci bags now being made in Haiti
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I rode on the back of the motorcycle through the bumpy riverbed and headed north for more than thirty miles. I had be
Mother's Day
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I got on the phone with my mother last night from Haiti.  She and I have both been a part of working in Haiti with a he
Making An Impact - Shopping Online
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The internet has made it so easy to connect buyers to fair trade artisan groups like Papillon Marketplace. The measurable impact of shopping online for handmade jewelry, home decor, and gifts made by artisans in Haiti is nothing short of amazing!
International Women's Day
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Her baby was at her breast, but she pushed him away and handed him over. Poverty had finally won, and she was forced to

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