Big Announcement: We're Moving!

Almost ten years ago, after the earthquake, I found myself standing in a yard that is forever etched in my memory. Maybe it was because it felt so odd and a little out of place in the dusty aftermath of devastation to see an old ranch style property that looked like it would be more suitably found in Oklahoma than in Haiti.  Another missionary group had just purchased the property to grow their ministry. The place had been called the OK Corral and was a fun little spot complete with a bar area that looked like an old covered wagon. It reminded me of an old cowboy hangout with an open- air restaurant and was oozing with character and potential.
Last week I found myself once again standing in the same place.

For the past year, the demonstrations in Haiti have wreaked havoc on Haiti’s economy- not sparing our once booming destination spot. Our flagship artisan center in Port Au Prince was supporting so many of our artisans and the blow of no missionary groups or tourists has been rough on the artisans. We have been struggling, unable to pay rent and unable to stay afloat in the location that we love so much. How could we possibly replace what we have built in the  back roads of the Delmas 75 area of Port Au Prince?

Our Tiki bar roof.
Our pallet table restaurant.
Our labyrinth of artisans working in every corridor.

There has been so much love put into building what Papillon is in Haiti.
A text message came in about a month ago. Troy Livesay’s name popped up on my phone. He is the director of Heartline Ministries, a very reputable missionary organization that specializes in maternal health care, midwifery, and job creation. Our two organizations operate out of many of the same principles surrounding orphan prevention and we have always stood in awe of what they do for mothers and babies in Haiti.

“I might have a solution for your property needs” Troy typed- responding to my despair at our growing financial burdens. “Remember the Ok Corral?” Heartline had been the ministry that had purchased the property so many years ago.

The western style restaurant and some of the surrounding property was currently vacant. The rest of the property, now the Heartline Education and Employment Campus (EEC) has been working on job creation through a sewing school, a bakery, and a mechanic school as well as hosting another social enterprise, Petite Palm. Petite Palm employs women making primarily baby products and exporting to the states.

For a serious reduction in rent, consolidating of overheads, and being one in heart and location with two other great organization with such similar missions, we felt like God was opening a door and paving a way for us to continue the work of creating jobs in Haiti. What a relief and answer to prayer for so many artisans in need of their jobs!


I am so happy to announce that this spring, we will be moving over to the new campus! Giddy-up!  We have some work to do, painting, building, moving, and making the new property even more appealing and inviting than our current rooftop café and boutique that we have become known for. It is exciting to me to be able to imagine and create a vision for what it will look like when we are moved in and the tour busses of missions groups are back and coming through to see all of the incredible work that is going on in  a property obviously  earmarked by God to be a blessing for Haitian families.

Stay tuned for more pictures, updates, as well as needs we will have to make this transition. (We’re going to need a little elbow grease to spruce it up and get things up and running!) While the artisans and I are often the visible face of the work that is being done at Papillon, it is the unseen army of people like you who fuel the work and make everything we do possible. Your purchases, donations, moral support, and spreading the word about what we do is why we are still here working hard every day so that children can grow up with their mothers and fathers and be fed and have opportunity in such a hard place. And for that I can’t say thank you enough!

I am so thankful today for the provision of this property and can’t say enough how kind the Heartline community has been to us. We are truly all just different parts of the body of Christ just trying to follow God’s own heartbeat or restoration and blessing for those who are hurting in this world.

Much Love,

Shelley Jean

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