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Shelley In Haiti - Our founder’s memoir!
Shelley In Haiti - Our founder’s memoir!

Shelley In Haiti - Our founder’s memoir!

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Shelley Jean traveled to Haiti determined to adopt an orphan she had discovered online. Although she was already the mother of two biological children, expanding her family by embracing a displaced child was, in part, a fulfillment of her compassionate Christian faith.

But when she witnessed the agony many Haitian women experienced when poverty —not lack of love—forced them to give up their children to orphanages, she was outraged.

Soon, a new mission blossomed. As she came to better understand and appreciate the people of Haiti, Shelley had a vision of creating jobs that would help some parents earn an income so that they could support their babies and raise them to become productive adults.

Despite her own domestic challenges and, at times, the doubts about God’s providence that arose after witnessing the devastation caused by earthquakes and hurricanes, Shelley’s trial-and-error approach took hold.

First, she taught a small group of mothers how to make artisanal products that she now markets worldwide. But she did not stop there.

Papillon Enterprise, which began as Apparent Project, now has a global reach that has been recognized and praised by Oprah, Vogue Magazine, The Gap, and designer Donna Karan.

But there were many sacrifices and defeats along the way. As Shelley sought to reshape the economic landscape of a small nation in dire need of help, she also restored her own ravaged beliefs so that she and her family could emerge stronger and with their faith intact.

This memoir is ideal for women of all faiths who know in their hearts that the cruel world can be transformed by love. For men, this unique search for truth sheds light on the undeniable power of the feminine spirit.

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